May 3rd, 2006

period FUN!

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bleeding and WAY bloated. wow.

went to WinCo yesterday and bought a package of pads, a box of tampons, a box of ibuprofin, and a chocolate bar. when the cashier asked 'how are YOU today?' i replied 'guess.'

the last few days have been a massively busy whirlwind. i've been home only to sleep since..... saturday morning. okay, that's a slight exaggeration, i was here briefly on monday afternoon as i tried to plan out my summer quarter in college. sheesh, it's so much more limited. maybe i'll take psych 211, sociology, and pre-chem. or maybe not, as i seem to recall the classes overlapping a bit.

up way early today so that i can get to school no later than 730 - i need to do TONS of homework and i have tests in both classes, and i have had zero time to deal with either, so...

speaking of school - iiiiii got grants out the YING. well, in comparison to what i had heard that i might get (like $800), i got $2100 in grants for summer and $350 in loans, and the same for winter and fall quarters, plus $1350 in workstudy.... whiiiiich i need to check into more. i have a mandatory pre nursing seminar i have to go to next week, so i'll talk to the advisors then.

now, just to keep my grades at maximum so that i can continue to get tons of free luvvin for my edunacation.

the suck about leaving so early in the morning is that it's chilly (45 degrees) but will be entirely too hot for a jacket later (75). as i'm already having to carry ALL of my books today (due to the severe weight, i try to carry either or, not both), i'm not looking forward to stuffing a jacket or whatnot in my backpack as well.

i so need to marry a chiropractor.