May 4th, 2006

disco star

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not much to report. i'm tired as all heck tonight, though i got almost a whole night's sleep last night.

got 98% on my psych test. would have gotten 100%, but dummy me, i just HAD to go back and change an answer, though i had it right the first time. guh.

still waiting for my brain book, a math quiz, my math essay, and my math homework to come back to see if i'm still clutching onto my 4.0 with an iron grip. got a letter in the mail today with an updated version of my award letter, with them saying that they really want to give me $3500 for the summer quarter, $3500 for the fall, and $3500 for the winter, including $1100 in work study. i'll peruse through their jobs and see what they have and if anything piques my interest.

thought i might decide to also major in english. something else that i'll knock around with my advisor next week.

requested 3 set days off of work: monday, tuesday, and thursday, so i may practice more with my band and keep some larger sense of relaxation... or something.

i was horridly nervous for first time band practice, as i hadn't practiced on my own nearly as much as i should. i ended up with a blister on my ring finger, but that's my own damn fault. i couldn't help grinning from ear to ear the whole time we were playing because of how WONDERFUL it felt to be singing and playing with someone again. i loved hearing our voices harmonizing, even if my guitar playing left something else to be desired.

as i was headed over on the subway to see scrumbles and 0vary, i discovered something amusing: here i am, 31 years old, and living the life that i would always daydream about living when i was a teenager: i'm a college student. i wander the city streets on public transit and have no cares for a car. i'm a musician in a band. i have a circle of wonderful, highly interesting friends. i'm not as healthy as i should be, but damn, life is good.