May 10th, 2006

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summer classes are registered for!!!

and hooo-boy, is it going to be brutal.

monday and wednesday, i have Medical Vocabulary with Lasher from 8 - 950.
tuesday and thursday, i have Public Speaking with Anderson from 9 - 950.
monday through thursday, i have Chem 050 with Broers from 10 - 1125.
monday through thursday, i have Math 095 with Kaskowitz from 1130 - 1250.

wow, i'm going to be a starvating puppy by the time i get out of there. then i may have about 2 - 3 hours between school and work, which includes a 30 min bus ride. and i'm trying not to dwell on my spine and how it shall crumble under the weight of the books. as it is, i can almost never carry both my psych and math books together. hrm, wonder how much my backpack weighs with both?

and will five minutes be enough time to get from the sci building to the math building? where IS the sci building? hrm. after looking at a map, it isn't TOO far away, but sheesh. when will i be able to pee?!? maybe i should reconsider matters here...

edit: i decided to drop the public speaking one - i really don't feel like doing that one yet, anyway. and although it won't help me with having only 5 min between chem and math (i think my head will esplode from all the smarts from those!), it will keep things a bit sane. besides, after dropping it, i have 12 credits, still, which is considered 'full time', which is what i'm getting the grants and all that other stuff for.

egads, it sucks that summer schedules are so cramped because they're trying to squish what few classes they have into such a tiny amount of time. i've also never dealt with -yet- not having a class that was mon-fri.

couldn't sleep worth anything last night, so i woke up NATURALLY at 4 freaking a.m. - NOT COOL, YO. i don't even have any coffee in the house. granted, i HAD originally planned on going to school mighty early to study for my psych exam and do my math homework, but sheesh, this is overkill.