May 14th, 2006

disco star

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VIVID VERY REAL DREAMS last night. hoo.

i dreamed that i was hanging out with OK Go (p.s. - if you haven't watched the Million Ways dance video at this link yet, DO SO NOW! i command thee.) during their band practices, which took place in the back room of a really poor, smelly grocery store. they would fight over who got to sit next to me on the couch on the way over (must've been a magical transporting couch.) i would go to their band practices and steal knowledge to take back to MY band to use, i.e. that they would use a wooden glockenspiel as a makeshift drum kit so that they didn't have to set up an entire kit every single practice. i also couldn't figure out why my improv teacher, Pat, was hanging around all the time, but it turned out that he was really the drummer.

as bizarre as the dream was, i was SO surprised when my alarm went off and i wasn't in an odd paisley room in the back of a grocery store with OK Go.

and in celebration of my dream, i shall fork over their song that was going through my head when i woke up this morning.

which actually teetered back and forth with this Doormattian song for control of my brain.