May 17th, 2006


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Everyone? meet Murray.



okay, i'm too pooped and lazy to take pictures and upload them for you to REALLY see Murray, but he's my braaand new Fender Strat. He's the color of dried blood, should there be very fine glitter mixed in and if it were polished to a shine. Goes very well with Ben's "vampire guitar" (a black guitar that sleeps in a velvet lined 'coffin' and even has 'blood' on it's pale white 'face') he may or may not need to go back, as there may or may not be a short in him. i haven't been able to -duh- plug it in outside of practice (where it was plugged directly into my foot pedal thingie - WHICH MAKES SUCH FANTASTIC DIFFERENT NOISES - and then into ben's mixer-mabob), so i'm still not overly sure if it was an issue with my guitar, or just overload from everything else.

oh, and about the notbeingabletobepluggingin-ing thing: i also bought a mini amp for home practice use, and it doesn't fucking work. yes, yes, thank you, Guitar Center, for giving me such a fantastic discount which pretty much paid for the worthless amp.


but overall? i'm excited.

i am now SO rock.

we also officially have a bass player now, too. we're a real band, woo! i can't get over how fantastic everything sounds live, or how much fun it all is.

now for bed so that i can get up at butt-thirty and go to school early to study for my psych exam.

oooooh, yes, and my free clinic appointment, i almost forgot in all the ROCKINGness - apparently, my tube on the right side of my face doesn't properly drain mucus from my sinuses through my ear canal to my throat or some such thing, which means that i apparently have SNOT residing in my inner ear. mmmmmmm, that's tasty. that's also why i keep having episodes where i can't hear from my left ear. i also discovered that i have PERFECT blood pressure (if a slight bit low) and that i just have a giant tonsil, no need to be worried.

i also scored 100% on my math test that i hadn't thought i did overly well on.