May 30th, 2006


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In my math class, i sit at the front of the class for two reasons: one, i have AWFUL eyesight and my glasses are ancient, and two, in trying to sit in the back of the class, so far i have found that i end up surrounded by a bunch of hoodlums that have zero respect for the teacher and generally drown out my desire to learn. the teacher gives us pop quizzes, but allows us to use books and neighbors to get our answer. The only people in logical "reach" of me are two guys directly behind me: one that looks maybe twenty, the other approximately forty. All quarter long, i have done my damnedest to be cool to them and to help them with their math and work with them as a group, as -not to sound egotistical- i've been easily flying through the class and wanted to help how i could. i've tried to start conversations with them, and just get STARED at blankly in return. whenever i had a question, i.e. what homework i missed, they would constantly retort only in the least amount of words humanly possible to reply. fine, what the freak ever. i'm not there to make friends or pick me up some mens, i'm there for an education.

right before class started, everyone is asking everyone else how their weekend was. i inwardly sighed a teensy bit, thinking "no one in my entire math class cares how MY weekend went..." we get a pop quiz today, and i start diligently going through the problems. i get to #14, and notice a twist to the problem and say "ooh, tricky!" Professor Kay says "ooh, yes, number 14!" I then hear behind me in barely muted whispers:

one: what? she's already on #14?!?
other: pfft. i'll bet anything she gets at least half of them wrong, since she's going through them so fast.
one: no doubt. at least.
-a guy on the other side of the room gets up and turns his quiz in and leaves-
one: like that guy - no one can do math problems that fast.

right as they finished talking, Kay gives me back my homework and the last test, both with 100% written in giant red pen at the top. i scootched both over so that they could easily see from behind me. i also made a slight big show of pulling out the paper that she gave us to keep track of our scores and tallying everything up. i notice that i've only missed a total of six problems all quarter, in approximately fifteen giant assignments, tests, and quizzes (five of them being on our first giant giant test, due to idiotic math).

yanno. if you jerkponies would have even SLIGHTLY returned my charitable offer to be chums this quarter, i might be helping your sorry asses with your quiz right now. instead? i'm keeping my knowledge to myself. i shall sail right out of the class and right into the next one with a delicious 4.0, while you scritch your heads and wonder why you got 2+2 wrong and fight for that C.


and naturally, i come up with all sorts of come backs AFTER the fact.
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eesh, my pretties!! i sent out a text earlier, asking how a few of you were doing, and after reading your journals... *wince* hope that YOUR neck feels better, hope YOU stop throwing up, hope YOUR surgery goes swimmingly, sorry to hear about YOUR loss, sorry that YOUr head hurts so much, i have a thoughtful response to THAT post, but need to get more mentally motivated to make it, etc.

i love you alls, and am sorry that some of you are going through such a hard and/or stressful time.

but this reminds me:

Poll #739180 text messaging, part deux!

don't mind inane texts at random times of day? GIMME YOUR NUMBER!!!

i promise not to go TOO bat-crazy with the text messaging. i'm usually too busy to anymore, anyway, and i'm certain that the few that i do send out will greatly decrease once summer quarter hits in late june.

OOH! and in other news, i took the first step in removing myself from Sony's evil clutches:

i bought a Game Cube.