June 6th, 2006

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horrible HORRIBLE nightmares involving being Rogue and being terrified of heights, but having to fly over the golden gate bridge to go save someone - but i couldn't get help from anyone else because it was a secret. i felt violently ill in the dream. and then i discovered that i was captive of some mobsters and they kept trying to microwave Bacci. i kept thinking they would kill her but - to my relief - she would be alright. but there was always this moment of stark horror and overwhelming loss at losing my cat. and then i DID lose her - as i was frantically going through my belongings to move what i could in a short period of time (yes, one of THOSE again), i looked around and saw tons of animals violently vomiting. they were vomiting so much they had turned white and bloated. long worms, mucus, and other hideous things were spewing from their mouths, and they were so weak that they couldn't even stand up fully, just... lean there slightly propped up on one paw as they threw up and fought for breath. i thought one was Bacci, but upon closer inspection, it was really a boar. i walked through an area with a bunch of bookshelves and sadly DID find bacci, bloated and half dead.

the little bitch didn't come see me the second i opened my bedroom door this morning, too. i needed my cat!!

erm, yeah.

so i received an email from my psych teacher last week saying that the next test was on Tuesday (today). i went to school yesterday really early (one hour) to do math homework, so that i could leave today to focus on psychology. imagine MY surprise when i went to class yesterday to see everyone picking up the test. .....THE HELL?!?

that was the closest i've had to a downright panic attack the entire quarter. i fought tears the entire test as i realized that because i had played hooky on friday, i hadn't discovered that the test was monday instead of tuesday. i had quite possibly just sacrificed my solid 4.0 in the sake of sleeping in an hour. now i won't be able to drop the 75% that i got on the last test, as this one will surely be much worse.

schedule for the rest of the week:

today: frantically pounding out the math homework. 4 chapters down, 4 to go. school until one, work until 1030.
tomorrow: finishing pounding out math homework if i hadn't already. if i AM done, start frantically writing the five page essay for psych. giant math test. homework due. band practice. improv.
thursday: 5 page essay due in psych. band practice.
friday: um... last official day of class, except for monday for finals.
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i can tell that i'm tired because i just thought "egads, i SO need to get these contacts out of my eyes!".... and realized quite a bit later that i am wearing my glasses (and have been all day.)

the 'lectric doormat concert for this weekend was called off. basically, lots of things needed to happen for this concert to be 'legal', like janatorial staff and whatnot. with all the costs added up, the faculty realized that -HOLY CRAP- there would be zero way on earth that they would even break even, let alone actually make money for the cause. i was greatly saddened by this, as everyone was working so hard to get ready for our first show, but once i talked it over with scrumbles, i felt better - this gives me a chance to relax a bit (read: do homework) instead of freaking the hell out even more than i have been.

problemo? a blessed fan in cali already purchased his tickets to come see us. so i foresee a private concert in our future ;)

i should really be doing math like a bandit now. i'm certain some bandits do math.

i thought there was all sorts of other things i wanted to tell yous, but now my brain is broken. oh, and the psych test i didn't know about that i took yesterday? a loverly 60%.