June 7th, 2006

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so, you know how hard i've been working on my math homework to get it finished for today? all week, i've been getting up 3 hours early (give or take) to get to school early to work hard on it. it's all i was doing between school and work. i stayed up late last night working on it, as well as got up early to finish it so i wouldn't have to lug my heavy math book with me. when the teacher comes in, the first thing she says is "i don't think i'll have you turn your homework in today - let's have it due on monday, instead."



i probably sounded quite angry when i stated loudly "i am NOT okay with this." "why?" "because i got up at BUTT-THIRTY this morning to have it ready for you." "ah, well, you can turn it on monday."


this post brought to you by me NOT writing my psych essay.

i want this week to be OVER.

So take me to winter, as if it was discontent I'd see.
I'll live with the madmen there and pull my hair
'cause lunacy is everything I need.

It's not just that I'm schizo and scared,
it's not just that I'm so unprepared.
It's just you'd think I'd grow out of this, wouldn't you?

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disco star

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i know that God and everyone has already posted this (yes, God has a blog, i'm certain of it), but i find it so durned interesting that i felt an overwhelming need to regurgitate it again.

i'm too sleepy to go into a lengthy description of what it exactly is, but listen to this and tell me your age and whether or not you heard it. i'm 31 and cannot hear a thing. my brother is 25 and can hear it clearly, and daniel is 29 and can almost not hear it, but still gets a slight sensation.

the mosquito sound that is meant to scare off teens!

here's the whole article on it.

for now? going to flipping bed. paper hath been written, y'all, to quote Savannah. The bitch moved to Danotown from Cabilis!! jerk bat. (/animal crossing blather)