June 11th, 2006

cat painting

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i so don't want to go to work today, to the tune of i am supposed to leave in 5 min and am still in my perjammas.

a couple of quick pics up at our myspace for your viewing pleasure. will have more for you eventually. (i'm still grumpy about totally forgetting to bring MY camera.)

i am SO getting Bacci fixed for REALS when i get my next grant. the little ho.

it's interesting that a 6 year old boy in the neighborhood named Jacob has a crush on me. he was overheard talking to another little boy by stanieldaniel:

boy: your girlfriend lives there! *points to our apartment*
jacob: *sad, wistful sigh* i know.

when i left for work, the other little boy ran up to me and said "excuse me, Jacob has something to tell you!" little Jacob was clamboring all over behind him, trying to cover his mouth.

Jacob: no NO NO NO NOno no no no... shut UP. ... hi. *grin*
disco star

i shall give you tacos... such tacos i will GIVE.

i'm the specialist girl in the whole wide WORLD.

because i had my first rawk concert and because i've done so well in school, my brother bought me a super special spectacular gift of a QUEEN SIZE GIR COMFORTER**.

it's even in my favorite color combination of dark purple, black, and green.

fantastic. finally i have a feasible upgrade for my Aladdin comforter that i've been using for twelve years ;)

...and i wonder why i'm 31 and single....

methinks i shall celebrate summer vacation with a zim-athon. it's been awhile, oh yes. it's been awhile.

** our in heat cat decided to celebrate my new gift by promptly peeing on it, scant seconds after it was out of it's container.