June 12th, 2006

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thus begins two weeks of sloving... slovly.... of laziness.

i also got to see the actual pilot of Zim which creeps me out. it's odd hearing Zim sound like Stimpy/Fry, and the animation is just different enough to make you twitch.

hooray for youtube for also bringing me the xmas episode.. *edit: or the last half of it, anyway....*

ist das nicht thunder i'm hearing? schweeeeet.
disco star

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posted on january 1st, 2006:

apparently, the motto for 2005 had been "Let it Go.", accepting things as they hit us and letting them roll off of us.
for 2006, the motto will be "ROCK IT!", taking your life by the horns and making what YOU want of it. it's your life, afterall.

because of going back to school and lots of change on the horizon that i can sense, i think it shall be quite fitting.

so far, it definitely seems to fit. wow, looking at my life today, and the lives of my friends, so much has CHANGED (and almost all for the better) in the last 12 months.

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