June 17th, 2006

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++ things that amused me yesterday at work:

- a woman returned a shredder she bought two days ago, saying that she needs one that can run for almost a day without stopping. i informed her of our shredding services, so that she wouldn't blow out another shredder in two days. this wasn't good, she wants something she can do herself. i show her one for $79 that shreds for 10 continuous minutes, that's still not good enough. i show her our largest model (which probably still only does it for like fifteen tops), and she freaked out "I'M NOT SPENDING THAT MUCH ON A SHREDDER!!" yeah. if you need one so industrial sized that it can run for several HOURS without stopping at ALL, you're certainly going to pay MUCH more than $200. i wrote down Sentinel, Fellowes, and Tech Solutions for her to google online and sent her on her way.

- a woman called on the phone "hi. do you have the.... what are they called.... i need a price on.... the thumb drives.... it says "san disk, model number five-one-two-em-bee." my reply "oh, you're looking for the 512 mb one? on sale, buy one get one free, $29.99." "no... that's the model number." "okay. they're still buy one get one free."

++ i love it when Bacci chirps long cute sentences at me. i don't love her hopping on my lap, curling around cutely, licking her crotch noisily, then hopping back down. .... out of the entire HOUSE, could you not find a more appropriate place to do that? do you view humans as your shower?

++ i've been building up all sorts of things i've been wanting to tell you, like about Duane the ex Delta airline pilot. and the lady whisper-shrieking "YOU DESERVE TO DIIIIIIIIE" in my ear at the bus stop. or Grandma Pun. but maybe i shall save them for a time when more people are actually on live journal. CURSE YOU, WEEKEND!

++ Pride is this weekend, and i have to work. puh. there goes another pristine opportunity for me to prance around with my closely shorn hair with hopes of a girlfriend.

++ got a finger-stick blood test done yesterday, they deemed me "normal" at 85. well, what about what happens after i eat? why do i get dizzy and feel like vomiting? why do i feel stoned after eating potatoes? "try eating yogurt." "um, i did, it made me ill." "are you lactose intolerant?" "no." "you sure?" "quite." "huh. well try eating cheese, then, and come back and visit a doctor during the week if you continue feeling dizzy." "thanks." the least they could do is give me a cartoon bandaid for my pricked finger. (i also realized i'm a TOTAL baby when it comes to a finger prick, though i can handle shots and blood takings all day long.)

++ went to school to sell my books back, which they wouldn't take, as they're getting new ones in the fall. welllllllll, poop. bought my books for next quarter for $120. combined with the hair cut, phone bill, and food, i'm pretty much virtually broke for the next two weeks. p.s.- i got a 4.0 in my math class, too.

++ went to the corner store this morning to get coffee and breakfast. realized as i was standing in front of a long line with my drank from coffee and my fist fulla burrito that i had left my debit card in my OTHER pants. I HAVE A DOLLAR!!! the lady said that she would get it, and i could just get her back some day. note to self: you owe Ruby $4. embarassing. i guess it could have been worse if i had ate the food or taken friends out to splurge on a giant meal... and then realized i had no card. faaantastic.

ooooh hoo hoo hoo, do i have an ornry cat this morning.
raven bunny

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in real life, my right shoe causes some weird friction thing to go on, which has caused me to rip a hole in my sock with my big toe every single day for the last couple weeks. no, my nail isn't long or particularly sharp. i realized last night as i took my shoe off to correct the big toe hanging outting, that the friction has caused... well, to put it bluntly, if i don't correct it SOON, i shall be missing the entire middle of my big toenail.

in my dream, i looked down to realize that i had indeed lost the middle of my toenail. in fact, i had rubbed it so raw, that i could see straight through my big toe. it was meaty and gross, and a bit green around the edges. there was other stuff going on that i can't remember, and i would have to stop every few minutes to show someone new my big toe and to examine it myself. i was also terrified to let anyone touch it, and everyone so badly wanted to touch it.

when i woke up, i discovered a blister on my big toe, which i am certain caused the pain to transcend into my dream. love how that works.

ooh, and i think i also dreamed of some people i haven't seen in a long time.