June 22nd, 2006

disco star

Look! It's a full band picture of Electric Doormat!!

we are so rock. 'rawk', even.

we are so rock.  'rawk', even.

James, Mike, Ben, and Aubrey.  apparently it is my goal in the picture to try to make my face disappear completely in on itself.


will HOPEFully have more pictures soon.  it may take awhile if we have to take away Mike's drumsticks and beat the pictures out of him.

i loves the Korg, i do.  "what's a korg?" you may be asking.  it's the tiny synth i'm holding.  so tiny, yet so many faboo possibilities.
disco star

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i keep hearing all sorts of stuff that livejournal is planning to do to completely change something that has been so wonderful for the last six years.

a tiny little thing that truly pissed me off and showed me that the end was nigh?

there is now a button on your personal profile that has you determine whether you are male or female.

it had been the little things like THAT, the androgeny, that kept livejournal more of a serious site compared to myspace.