June 26th, 2006

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i keep meaning to put today down in an actual post, but sheesh, am i tired!

woke up an hour late for my first class on my first day of the quarter - WEE!

was lucky enough to get to class only 40 min into the 2 hour class. the teacher was nice about it. there is about 20 women in the class - if that - and one guy who's going into radiology.

let me tell you now - medical vocabulary has to be THEE MOST BORING CLASS EVUR.

i feel sorry for the teacher in some aspects, as it's hard to teach a class like that and have even a slight modicum of excitement, but ... i'm hoping she was just tired or something, because it was BLAND.

"arthritis. arth, meaning joint, and itis, meaning inflammation.
colonoscopy. colono, meaning colon, and scopy, meaning study.
cardiac. cardi, meaning heart, ac, meaning pertaining to."

although i only had to sit through one hour of it, i wanted to DIE. maybe i DID die, a little, on the inside.

math class was more fun, as far as math is concerned. thank you, ratemyprofessor.com, for showing me the WAY of the awesome teachers. Louis reminds me of .. pretty much every stereotypical jewish man i have ever seen on television, minus the yamika and curls. he told us that we are very VERY very very brave for taking this class during the summer, when everything is so compacted, that it's rare to get a good score. (eek.) i had to rent a TI-86 with $27 i can't technically afford right now, because i know that by friday, i will already be four chapters behind. but he seems very fun. i also thought it was fun that my first math class, i was in room 011, my second was in 012, and now i'm in 013. i'm very easily entertained.

vocab is going to move on VERY fast, too, covering literally an entire chapter each day of class, and having a major test covering two chapters (approximately 200 words, most i've never heard of) each week. gulp.

still 100 degrees outside. and we don't even own a FAN! i'll bet i smell PURDY.

going back to the ratemyproffessor.com again, i HAD picked out an instructor for my vocab class, too, but it was switched to Ms. Hazel at the last moment.

chemistry starts on july 10th.

math will only have two tests the entire quarter, both worth 30% of my grade.
disco star

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Electric Doormat

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