June 27th, 2006

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in my dungeon:

there is an alter to drjayphd. I prayed to him. i felt blessed.
I go south.
In the next room, on the floor lies a shield of alildragonlover.
I equip it.
In the next room, soulresilience the Dragon is there. (79 HP)
because i'm a weenie with just 70 hp and no weapon, i go somewhere else.
I pick up a Figurine of houseshadow.
In a cold chamber, I pick up and equip the Sword of kabandra.
In the next room, gimpeh the Minotaur stands. (68 hp)
I still chicken out.
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i raced to get up this morning, and now realize that i got up TOO early.
disco star

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i've been entertaining myself with watching old Who's Line eps on YouTube.com.

this snippit had me almost in tears.

you won't be seeing anything like that in OUR classes ;)

i'm so ecstatic that i had the opportunity to take improv classes. they've not only changed the way i think about comebacks (which is to not think at all), but they've also took me outside my comfort zone SO many times that it's becoming a benefit for me.

for example, we were playing Five Things last week, and the first thing they had to get me to do was to... well, i was the guesser, the entire class is in the audience watching me on stage, other than a couple of people on my team. Peter(?) runs out (we can only speak in Jibberish), starts babbling to me, outfits me with a helmet, and kneels down and starts making sounds and gestures that i took to mean that we were in a futuristic war. so i DIVE for the floor and cover my head, then sit up and start shooting my laser gun. the crowd goes wild with laughter, but that's not it! after many more mumbles, clicks, and whirls, and other gestures, i take it to mean that we're supposed to be welding, so i act like i weld. everyone applauds. but that's not it! meanwhile, i'm filled with complete and utter panic because everyone guessed WAY before i did, and i had sensory overload. Peter, bless his heart, is quite energetic, so he was shouting his clues and jumping up and down and making a weird sound behind me as if something was flying past my head. i crouched defensively and stared at him in horror. instead of taking less than a minute, it felt like it took me at LEAST five to get that i was supposed to be...

... in nascar.

in any other circumstance, i would have been utterly horrified to be standing on stage with a man yelling gibberish at me as i crouch in horror with my mind completely frozen, with a ton of people just... staring.. at me. i still felt a bit funny afterwards, sheepishly like i had sucked up so much class time, but the teacher was WONDERFUL and understanding and made me get right back up there to fight the fear of being frozen again and prove to myself that i wasn't horrible at guessing at such a game! (and i did much better!)