July 1st, 2006

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i, the idiot, smashed my index finger on my right hand GOOD when i was pulling a stack of five reams of paper out from under my register yesterday. the five reams were sitting on a sixth ream, and genius me, i decided that instead of using both hands to maneuver them out safely, i would grab the bottom corner with one hand and PULL.

needless to say, the weight of the bottom corner of five reams of paper dropped suddenly on one's index finger doesn't feel like daffodils. i crouched and huddled around my finger, muttering such heinous obscenities as "holy crap!" and "owieowieowie". i was convinced i would lose my fingernail, and tears spilled between my clenched eyelids. i stared in horror at it, wondering how i was going to play keyboards until it healed.

the customer looked offended that i was taking a break during her transaction, and looked the reams over for damage that my careless finger could have done to it. when i said "omg, i think i need to go ice it when i'm done here...", she looked as if she was right on the verge of saying "yeah.... and?" she also complained at how heavy six reams of paper were going to be to carry out to her car (she was purchasing a sixth) although i was nice enough to bag them evenly.

thank the Smurfs that Be, because i just got a few of the little white bruises under my fingernail and quite a bit of sensitivity today. typing (and, presumably) synthesizing are a go.

dreamed i went to disney land last night, and we had giant pink sponges to carry around that said we got to ride all the rides and play all the games for free. enjoyed playing a game where i would throw sticks of Trident into various mugs for a prize (though i never won).
plucky idea

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anything you wish to know?

here's your chance.


one, fifteen, or three and a half questions, anywhere around, or in-between.

any loop holes i've left in the time that you've known me and something that you just can't figure out?

ask me here!

(this is me ignoring my math homework.)

edit: for those of you wishing to ask me something, but don't want everyone here to read your question, feel free to email me at aubkabob@comcast.net!