July 4th, 2006

me eyeroll

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i have a faetal on the way to pick my stinky butt up for the barbeque, but felt that i should peruse my journal to see what i posted on other fourth of julys. julies?


what i thought was hilarious was that on july 4, 2002, i posted "so, is there practice tonight, or did you want to get together and collaborate on some stuff, ben?" it never ceases to amaze me how much life comes in full circles sometimes.

for those of you that are new or haven't heard me tell this tale a gazillion times, ben, a'la scrumbles and i were in a band together - The Vacant Stairs - in Phoenix, obviously back in 2002. I was the lead singer/rhythm guitarist, he was rhythm guitarist/accordion player. it is now exactly four years later, and ben and i are in a band together - Electric Doormat - in Portland. He is the lead singer/lead guitarist, I am back-up vocalist and keyboardist.

i was just highly entertained by the old post.

and if you are all sneaky/bored enough, if you locate that post, there is a post directly before it where i tell a story of showing my sunburned naked bum to a random guy on a cruise ship.