July 10th, 2006

raven bunny

(no subject)

first day of chemistry.

managed to get up and get to school in time, and also managed to sweet talk my medical vocab teacher into letting me take the test i missed, which means i get to go in early tomorrow. YAY!

something tells me (could it be the black flies hovering above?) that i should've washed my work clothes tonight, but meh.

watched Down With Love... what a psychotic movie. it still drove me to add more Ewan movies into my netflix queue. seen recently: The Island, Big Fish, Black Hawk Down. if you have netflix and haven't added me yet, you can add me as a friend under aubreykaye@hotmail.com. you can also add my my my my my space to your your your space: myspace user aubka. some 16 year old girl stole aubkabob and slathered her home page with hearts and cheesy pics. at least, the last time i checked.

i'm SO going to bed.