July 12th, 2006

disco star

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so... pooped. almost too pooped to make a coherent post. but since when were my posts ever coherent?

i have been running almost non stop since 6 am yesterday. school early for the make up exam (i got a 94 yay!), school, barnes and noble for caffeine and medical dictionary i'll eventually need anyway for my nursing classes (TABOR'S CYCLOPEDIA. rawk. heavier than .. than... that thing is heavier than... something that's really heavy.), power shopping for birthday gifts for mom, work until 1030. came home, went almost immediately upstairs and to bed... up again at 6 am, three non stop classes (i had to be 10 min late to my math class so i could pee and get coffee.), 2 hour commute to band practice, "band practice" which consisted of laying down vocals for our first official song as a band (read: instead of scrumbles doing all the tracks, the drums are actually played by mike, the bass by james, etc.), which i am VERY excited to share with yous once the mixing is done, then home to 0vary's for delicious foodS, then improv class. class again tomorrow, followed by band practice and... and... *shrug* at least i get to sleep in (funny how sleeping until 7 am seems late.)

this quarter is SO kicking my ass. amazing to think that i had originally signed up for a fourth class. i'm glad i listened to me when me told I that it was a bad idea.

i'm VERY excited about the band's new practice space.

i'm so VERY much wanting to become JUST a full-time student, and to stop working. alas...?

i love my cat VERY much, though she just put her butt in my face.

i'm so VERY much trying to not think about how much homework i have.

i'm VERY thinking that we're all going to die if we go to war with korea.

i'm looking VERY forward to hearing the music from Thom Yorke's solo thing once i get around to it.

i'm VERY going to use my Iron Lung Dib icon, because i feel old, fat, and decrepit this evening.