July 19th, 2006

disco star

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i shall take the fact that i took a 24-hour allergy pill last night before bed and another 24-hour allergy pill this morning, and the other fact that i still am DYING under the sinus pressure and sniffles and sneezes and watery eyes as a sign that i am, indeed sick. neveryoumind that i sound like i swallow cheese graters on a regular basis, or that i barely have strength to lift my coffee mug to my face.

also because of the burning desire to just sit and play RPG's all day, and because i'm overdue for one, methinks it's a sinus infection. this also means, i will probably be feeling like this for the next 2 1/2 weeks, until it has run its course.

meh. who needs hearing in their left ears, anyway? who needs to get ready for lots of singing at a concert in a couple of weeks? who needs to be able to have the mental capacity to work for 30 hours a week and memorize all of the endocrine, skeletal, muscular, integumentary, and digestive systems?

aah, that's right. ME.

grar. i would so retaliate... if i had the strength.

and, by a show of hands, how many of you were there back in my aubreystar days? i'm so excited to know that so many of you have been with me for such a long, arduous journey!
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