July 24th, 2006

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you know, for someone who was so freaking exhausted last night, it's a wonder i couldn't fall asleep until the weeeeeeee hours of the morning. so wee, in fact, that in my half sleep, i decided to reset my alarm so that i could get a couple more hours and not go to my first two classes.


part of me even wanted to miss math today, but i know that i DESPERATELY need the review day in order to prepare for my midterm tomorrow. no pressure, it's just THIRTY percent of my total grade. i also have a test to make up tomorrow in vocab, and then another test on wednesday in the same class.

i feel like tired hell today, but the world needs me.

stupid world.
disco star

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because i wanted to: pdx_music!! i was looking for a livejournal community to help promote our band and only found *cough* an obnoxious one, so i decided to create one myself. any other portland local musicians that want to help moderate the community? kthx. all other local-yokals feel free to join, etc.

i'm tired, so my pimpage level isn't as great as it could be.

VERY excited about Electric Doormat's first show. for those of you that are wanting to go, we're playing SATURDAY, AUGUST 19TH, AT ROCK N ROLL PIZZA. we'll be performing first in a line of 7 or 8 bands for a matinee show, which means we go on AT ELEVEN A.M. not night time, but moooorning. so you can come see us ROCK (or be hellishly nervous and freaking the hell out) and still have plenty of time to go have a weekend! woo! ALL AGES!

and because i haven't pimped it enough...OUR MYSPACE!! add us. love us. PLEASE? and in the name of ev'raythang holy, TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS!!! a couple few new pictures up there, too. and definitely new songs. i so cannot wait to have a finished version of "Alter" for yous to hear.

but anyhoo. i need to stop whitening my teeth and avoiding studying for my math test. time for bed.

let's hope i can sleep.

oh, and my personal never updated myspot, too.