July 26th, 2006

disco star

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i dreamed of somavenus last night, that we watched the two gay guys moving in next door. i turned to brosely and said "i can't tell because i only have a partially working gaydar, is yours binging?" as we watched them carry in a sofa. "oooooooooh, hell yes." he replied.

there is at least one guy moving in next door, in reality, probably mid twenties, though it was difficult to tell in the dark.

still waking up. i decided to nix going to the free clinic, as they're most likely just going to tell me 'get lots of rest and fluids'. so i made myself sleep in today, which sadly only consisted of about 6 hours sleep total.

i'm off to portland soonly, in order to meet operatic for the first time whilst he is in town!! i've never been to lloyd center, so i'm a bit terrified, but i'm certain everything will be fine, fine, fine. and then it's off to bongo fury to be a rock star in training, then possibly to improv to be a funny person in training.

the fun thing about bongo fury (note: Bongo Fury is the name of the place where we rent our practice space.) is that i think i've only seen one other female there ever, and she was some other band's girlfriend. well, of one member (or so i'm assuming.) the band practicing to the left of us is EXTREMELY hardcore dirt metal, and to the right of us are two surfer looking doods carting acoustic guitars with pot smoke roiling out of their door. i also need to find an iron so i can make our band shirts.