July 28th, 2006


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still have the Illness of Dumb, though i think i'm getting closer to being over it. i just wish i wasn't so constantly sleepy and out of it, and that i would stop feeling as if i've been struck repeatedly with a dumb stick.

poor stanieldaniel fell off his bike yesterday and literally did a lip-skid across the pavement. i wish him a speedy recovery.

it was so very wonderful finally getting to meet operatic!!! i just feel bad that i was so mentally OUT of it the entire time. as i left to head home, i was struck with one of thee worst headaches of my life, which carried over into yesterday a bit.

zero point to this post, really. i'm currently uploading some pictures i took day before yesterday for you to gander at. took some yesterday at band practice, too, though those will have to wait.
bwa kawk

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which is why everyone on the bus immediately rips the windows open. grr.

i love color contrast on treeeeees.

won't you be my neighbor. my neighbor?

i love treeees.

trees in jail!

our "backyard" as witnessed from the park behind our complex.

i like things.

well here's YOUR park. what about MY park?

the sun, it hurts meeee. IT BURNS.

our garden out front! well, jess and daniel's garden.

including our creepy geese.

what awaits me as i open the door. "where have you been? pfft."

and why on earth does it put that giant gap up there?  jerks.
disco star

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here's some pictures taken at school. the pictures of all the trees and stuff were taken on the hill i have to walk up and down each day. most of the other students walk up the other side of the street as it's somehow less steep, but i always want to walk next to the mini forest.

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