July 29th, 2006


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So i dreamed i was walking around somewhere and suddenly realized that i had inadvertanly wandered into Gay Camp. There were no lesbians present, just scantilly clad VERY buff gay men wandering around everywhere. They carried trays and made up the decor by standing in interesting poses. someone came by and shoved me down and said "YOU. SIT THERE. DON'T MOVE." as i'm sitting there, brosely literally *poofs* next to me (there was smoke and everything.) in my dream, it suddenly felt like we were sharing the dream, like i was talking to him RL, and it sort of freaked me out. "um, are you seeing what i'm seeing?" he replies "oh, totally." "oh, so you're at gay camp, too?" "huh?" "nevermind. you can't be here." so he *poofed* away.
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+ it came to my realization the other day that i haven't left the portland metro area in literally THREE YEARS. that's freaking SAD, considering how much i used to travel when i lived in phoenix.

+ i have a sinking, frantic feeling that i'm beginning to look my age.

+ i am enjoying taking pictures, methinks i shall post them from now on in aubreystar and try to do more creative things to put there.

+ i am beyond anally clean and organized when at school and work. why is my life such a clutterfuck at home?

+ came to a realization today while responding to ancient comments that during this time last year, i was hoping to find a circle of friends that would love to do things outside of drinking, as i was becoming sick of being drunk all the time. funny how without trying i have succeeded. i've had almost zero to drink (other than some pumpkin ale every once in a great while) since february? i didn't even drink for my birthday (other than a japanese beer with my sushi.) i guess being beyond busy is a way to not drink.

+ i still feel a bit out of it, but i am feeling better overall, though my stomach still rebels whenever i eat ANYTHING.

+ all of my clothes are grossly outdated, tattered, and ill fitting. i need to remedy this. money would be good, though.

+ go to daniel's journal and see the carnage that happens when you try to be cute on your bike ;) and wish him a speedy recovery, the poor child.

+ and my dear aintesduck? i hope you don't mind my using your artwork for an icon. cuz i loooves it, i does.

but years take their toll
and things get bent into shape...
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