August 2nd, 2006

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in the process of copying more pictures from my camera to post for YOOOOU. and you! and you and you and you!

once upon a time, a long long time ago, you all posted responses as to what you would like me to take pictures of. let's do that again, shall we?

give me a list of up to five things you would like to see me take pictures of.

i'll probably get around to posting them sometime next march, so stay tuned ;)

thought i was doing absolutely horrific this quarter, but it turns out that i'm pulling an a minus in vocab, a bee in math, and .. i was convinced since i had guessed on all but three questions on my two chem exams so far, that i was failing, but i got a... WHAT?!? a NINETY FOUR? i almost responded with "um, are you SURE?" when the teacher gave it back to me. i was supposed to have an extra credit quiz today, but i uh.. sort of skipped school.

and THEN, i was on my way to band practice, see? i hopped onto the first bus that came by my stop, not looking at the number on the bus. therefore, i ended up in fisher's landing instead of beaverton. for those of you NOT in this area, fisher's landing is the eastern most part of vancouver, washington. i needed to be in beaverton, oregon, which is in the south WEST area of portland. it's now 430, and i just got home from correcting my oops. needless to say, no band practice happened for me today.

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aaah, yes. i kept hearing about it, but thankfully colonelpanic posted me a link to ok go's new video. there's coordinated dancing - DANCING! - on treadmills. sheer brilliance. i guess damien (is that is name?)'s sister coordinated both this video and their Million Ways video that i keep shoving down your throat.

i want to jump up and down and say "oh mah gaw, ben, can we do something like this in our band?" but it's been done now. we'll do improv skits instead. it takes less thinking and coordination.
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