August 7th, 2006

disco star

top commenters for august 2006

because i find these interesting, that's why.

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here's old top lists and stuff, if you're curious.

still feel like the right side of my head is grossly misshapen and i can't hear out of my left ear. i'm wondering if my headaches are caused by a sinus infection or something. i just wish they would QUIT. even headache meds do nothing for them. i'm trying to pay attention as far as when they occur, if they're caused by eating certain things or being hungry or eating sugar or caffeine or... but there's no rhyme or reason to the occurrence.

tired and weary, i am.

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ah, well, crap. i missed a major test today. my head feels like it's going to splode, fer certain. meds do not help. everyone is at the clark county fair tonight, having a blast, while i sit here and ache in my pajammas. i almost braved it and went, but i didn't want to be tempted to spend any money at ALL, because the grant money is officially GONE.

speaking of, if i fail my classes, how does that effect financial aid?

aww, now they're home and telling me how fun it was. poo.