August 15th, 2006

bucky scarf

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i got sick of redoing a new address book every single year, so i finally broke down and bought a freaking rolodex.

so, my request to YOU:

Poll #796332 stop! rolodex time!

If'n you would like me to send you something someday when i'm not lazy, gimme your address! and birthday if you like! and whatever else you wanna say!

disco star

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what i'm up to this evening...

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i've been working on it for hours, am on number 25, have 75 more to go, plus eight essay questions.

and i haven't even begun on the math yet.
disco star

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i love my friends on livejournal. i think you're all a fantastico group of people, i do. i also feel that some of you would get along smashingly with other people on my friends list, and i would like to hook you up.

so, therefore, this is an invitation to an opportunity to have me pimp you out to my friends list. i will list, in a post, why i adore you so much and list a few people that i think would get along smashingly with you.

there's a couple of you that i already wish to sneakily hook up (though i don't think that i could do as wonderful of a sneaky job as i did when i was at faetal's house, snuck onto her livejournal, and added eternitywaiting to her friends list while she was in the kitchen...)

in the meantime, feel free to hook me up, yo.

and yes, this is also me avoiding my vocab final, as fascinating as it is to play with words such as cholelithotomy, peritonitis, and diarrhea, all in the same page.