August 16th, 2006

disco star

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meth is an evil, evil drug. stay the hell away from it.

accidentally stayed up to 2 am. when i say 'accidentally', i really mean it this time. we got home and ate taco bell and watched grey's anatomy season one, disc two. i worked on my vocab final (still not done). i looked up casually at one moment and shrieked as i realized it was 130. well, my alarm goes off in three and a half hours, yay!

so now i sit here, very little sleep (again, took forever to fall asleep with so much playing on the mind), a take home final to still finish, an impending final in less than two hours, and one helluva allergy attack.

disco star

(no subject)

- back from a FABULOUS band practice, which is so what i needed after a long stress-filled day at school.
- turned in my 108 problem + 8 essayed questioned final part one, took a 100 problem part two (in vocab)
- realized just how little i know for my impending math final
- realized just how desperately i need to get an 80% or above on it to pass the class
- got a page of approximately eight 'chapters' of math homework, due tomorrow. (well, being the last day of class, i guess that's a no brainer)
- saw the name "kevin schaeffer" on my drummer's anvil cases, asked where he got them. said that a guy at his dad's work quit working with his dad to become a teacher, and sold him his drums. i told him that was the name of the substitute teacher from math. hrm.
- i'm surprised at how many people on my friends list feel that meth is awesome tawesome and okay and a supah fuhreakay fun time. fine - to each their own. i just want no part of it.
- my bassist and drummer say that i have a cool indy style. (?!?) i thought i was old and frumpy. as far as the 'cool haircut' goes, it was a total accident, and the way i 'style' it is just to keep it the hell out of my face.
- i'm beyond freaking mentally drained, BUT
- less than 24 hours from now, school will be DONE until mid september, for better or for worse, it will be DONE.
- i'm so addicted to big brother this season. i laff and laff every time i watch it.
- wonder if i could possibly be able to force myself to go to bed this early - more sleep than last night's two hours would be splendid, but it's so freaking hard with so much on the mind.
- thank you to 0vary for the iconage.