August 19th, 2006


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SO HARD TO SLEEP!!! and then when i DID sleep, i had nightmares of living in bagdhad and knowing that i could literally die at any moment because it was so war torn, and i watched a childhood friend die in front of me as he sacrificed his life so i could get away.


i'm making lots of coffee right now, still freaking out about WHAT I'M GONNA WEAR OH MAH GAW, and stuff.

daniel said he'll give me a ride - see you there!

amazing to think that in four hours, it'll all be over!

i also grinned as i woke up this morning and realized that all of the Teen Titans would be there. not in full regalia, of course, but still.
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This song popped into my head as i'm sitting here, trying to mentally will the rest of the house awake, much like a kid on Christmas morn. The first line: "wake up - it's late! it's twenty minutes after eight..." pounced into my head and i looked at the clock. hrm, 8:20.

and then i started thinking about the song and started silently gaffawing as i could totally hear this going on in the car. so i post the song and lyrics for YOU!


Ben - scrumbles as Dr. Scratchnsniff
Larrissa - 0vary as Dot
Mike - auto_rock as Yakko
James - poopchkn as Wakko

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and here's the song for you!
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so freaking exhausted. i don't know why i haven't gone to bed before now, other than the stupid obsession with WoW. why, oh why, can you only have 20 quests going at once? dum.

the show was FUN. nerve-wracking, fer sher, and i'm certain that we looked as clueless as we felt. i felt beyond awkward when it came time to put the equipment up and tear it back down, and was afraid we weren't moving fast enough for the next band (dirt jake replicas). they were nice, though.

i... funny this is that i keep forgetting i'm IN the band. i had several people come up to me and shake my hand and tell us we had an awesome set afterwards, and i would either stare at their hand as if i was trying to figure out what they were giving me, or give them a blank stare.

many people took a ton of pictures, but i'm too lazy to copy and post or to even look at the pictures on my own camera, so i give you a taste in andrea's journal.

came home, freaking EXHAUSTED, though i didn't really DO much. crawled right into bed, slept for 45 min, and was drug out of bed by overwhelming hunger pangs. funny that all i did was stand on stage and sing a couple of 'ooh la la la's, and i feel like i've worked a field all day.

long shift tomorrow, bah. it's always so anticlimactic to go from rock star to retail worker.