August 20th, 2006

disco star

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yay, thank you to my loverly 0vary for posting some fotos of the concert. i so hope that you girls aren't upset that i'm posting links to your journals, i'm too lazy to copy and upload them myself. much love.

and some from daniel's journal, too!

it cracks me up to see tons of stuff from our show all over my friends page! i keep forgetting i'm IN the band this time!!

also, at our myspace, you can see a video and concert pics as well, weee!

and this news JUST IN:

email received from my math teacher:

Hi Aubrey, well, your
personal calculations notwithstanding, I have the sad news to report that you
will no longer have a 4.0 - but you did pass the class with a C.

Good luck with the plague.


HOLY FUCK I PASSED AND I KEEP MY FINANCIAL AID!!!! how did that happen? i'm on the verge of tears, i'm so happy!!! gah, bachelors in nursing and music theory classes in the fall, HERE I COME!!!