August 26th, 2006


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holy FUCK, clark's giving me a lot of money next quarter. freaking RAWK. i might even be able to quit my job. but i won't. but you can betcher bottom dollar that the moment that i get that check deposited, i am SO turning in a notice to work only fridays and saturdays.

another case of clock radio invading my dreams when it goes off: this morning, i dreamed i was on ROCK STAR: SUPERNOVA! i had to sing, so i chose Radiohead's "Creep". i sang the song with such ferocity and inflection and poured my entire SOUL and full BEING into that performance, reaching out towards Gilby at appropriate places, and rolling all over the couches and floors. (in my dream, the show took place in a comfy coffee house.) they were about to tell me what they thought of my singing when - uh ohes! Commercial Time! so i stood there awkwardly, waiting for Commercial Time to be over. i was convinced they liked my performance, but cheeze, was it a long wait. eventually i discovered it was my freaking alarm (radio) that had gone off, and no matter how hard i made myself try to go back to sleep to get my verdict, it just didn't work.


i coulda been a contender.

i've been feeling really weird and frantic lately, i don't know what's up. i feel like i want to avoid everything and everyone while i get my life in gear. i feel... angry a lot of the time and have zero patience. i feel like... not me. i know that i'm angry that i cost myself $80 in overdraft fees (netflix and a coffee at starbucks. for fuck's sake, it wasn't even a FANCY coffee at starbucks.)

a ton of people (like, two) quit from work, and though that doesn't seem like a lot, we haven't hired a single person for Back to School yet. i'm working 40 hours next week! ha, i'm a laze now. i'm pissed because they scheduled me through dearest faetal's baby shower, and i'm working on wednesday.

angry angry angry all the time time time.

p.s. - i have a crush on fred armisen.