September 1st, 2006

disco star

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dreamed that i was hanging out with Buffy and Angel (?!?) in a run down house. we accidentally scored some meth (it was just THERE.) and we accidentally took it (it was in a syringe, and the needle pressed up against a piece of cork, thusly making all of us high.) we were appalled and didn't want to admit that we liked it, but we kept trying to score some more. buffy had to leave to babysit, and angel kept hitting on me in his stoned mind and i kept yelling at him to get away from me.


okay, first of all, i haven't watched buffy in AGES, and i was never THAT much of a fan girl, so it amazes me that i've had buffy characters showing up in my dreams for the last two nights. (though yesterday's dream, he showed up as marc blucas, not riley finn.)

anyhoo. i feel like i want to accomplish the world today, but i must leave for work in a half hour. to all of you lovelies that work retail during this time of year, my heart goes out to you, and may labor day weekend - and all its idiotic sales - go by swiftly.

eeeeeeeeeeeeew, and i just remembered that starting today and for the next week, we're open an extra hour. ugh.