September 2nd, 2006

disco star

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Electric Doormat - Return

yay, a song is now officially available from our upcoming EP, Types of Rocks! it also gives you the opportunity to hear a recording of ALL of us, whereas Evil Genius was a self-effort (and what an excellent one, too!) of scrumbles's's's with guest artists. Drummer Mike's part in the song was done essentially in one take, he's that awesome. James is wonderful, too.

A girl couldn't ask for a better group of bandmates, personality and talent.

ha, a girl on Letterman is playing the tambourine and has a bunch of fantastic scarves dangling from it. i should so do that.

again, Electric Doormat IS:

scrumbles - lead vocals and geetar
aubkabob - background singinging and micro korg
poopchkn - bass
auto_rock - drums

spread the love, yo.