September 7th, 2006


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makes me sort of sad that they moved Michael's away. sunday was their grand opening over in fisher's landing (which i actually know the location of, thanks to the adventure of getting on the wrong bus.), and the very next day, i came to work to see some older guy scraping the letters off the building. i had PLANNED on taking a dorky picture of michaels next to officemax so you could see how cheesily short my commute between jobs was, but ... no more. le sigh.

last night, i dreamed of being at the end of a visit to nothinganything and sonatamoonlite. it was time for me to go back to the airport, and i had to pack. omgzorx, my stuff somehow got ALL OVER their house. sweet adam was mostly patient with me at first, but after time went by and i could barely function mentally for the packing i was trying (and failing) to do, he got irritated. but i don't want to leave anything behind! i might not be here again! so we grabbed my stuff and took me to the bus stop. i really wanted to chew gum, but my hands were full, so i couldn't get a piece out to pop in my mouth. but I REALLY REALLY WANTED TO CHEW GUM, you understand, so i started putting my luggage down... and the bus careens around the corner. i hastily grab everything up, as i know that if i'm not standing RIGHT AT the corner, they'll drive by. i flagged down the bus by yelling and screaming my entire soul out to the bus driver in such an emotional state... climbed on the bus... and a few blocks down the road, realized it was the wrong bus, they were taking me AWAY from the airport! grr. so i got off in some woods where a guy waved a wand and made me a naked 16 year old girl with no mental past, so i had to relearn everything. i didn't KNOW it was wrong to be naked, i just WAS.

wow, i'm such a sloth now that school isn't in session. school goes BACK in session in about a week and a half, so, my pretties, those of you who actually miss my texting shall start to hear from me on a regular basis again. I SHALL TEXT THEE. i shall text thee with the oh so important texts i always send, like "i almost stepped on a snake!" or "i just drooled my gum out of my mouth in front of strangers."

and, to prove i've always been a nerd, here is a picture of me, age 18, as i helped my team win 2nd place in the Academic Olympics. I was the English Division.

edit: i'm double jointed in the fingers, which is apparent from the index finger under the trophy. ew.