September 12th, 2006

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thanks, ragdoll, for posting this!

an interesting article by Keith Olbermann about 9/11 and our current administration.

work was aiight. i managed to stab myself in the knuckle with my box knife, but i SO asked for it. if you're opening little boxes of pens with a small box knife, there is zero need to go in flailing your arms as if you're wielding a machete in the overgrown amazon forest. and oh how i loved the feeling of knife bouncing off bone - YUM!

WEIRD people tonight, though i can't think of a single specific one.

i'm going upstairs to cleanse my wound now, and go to bed.

ooh, i dreamed last night that i was in love. i wasn't overly attracted to the man, but i cared for him deeply. he was older than me (about 40), and a police officer and hispanic.

brosely and i just discovered that you can't easily do a raspberry backwards.

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would you like to get to know me better?

i am thusly opening a Q and A session.

ask me whatever you wish, and i shall answer as honestly as possible.
disco star

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my mailperson is a bastage. seriously. i saw the mail truck pull up, about 15 minutes ago. as i'm awaiting some packages (school books, etc.) i practically hang my head out the window whenever i see them come. so i'm sitting here, six feet from the front door, the entire time that they're at the mailbox. i see they're gone, and i go out to check the mail, and find "sorry we missed you. you can come to the post office to pick up your parcel after 9/13."


.... the HELL?

you jerk butt, you didn't even ATTEMPT me! i don't have a car, you fuck tard, so if the box is of any size whatsoever, i'm going to have to.. walk 20 minutes to the bus stop, take the bus 20 minutes to the busiest post office i've ever SEEN, stand in line for approximately one decade, take the Mysterious Box of Whatever, wait for the bus, ride the bus 20 minutes, walk 20 more additional minutes uphill home - all because you're too freaking lazy to walk 10 feet and knock on my door.

in other news, i got Cocoon and the 3rd disc of Freaks and Geeks &hearts from netflix today.
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