September 13th, 2006

murphy kiss

(no subject)

hrm. i was going to do an updated posting stats thing, but it was brought to my attention that... well, i'm not utilizing the aliases area of the stats thingie well.

so, um... please remind me - if it was ever on my friends list - which of you have more than just your current or most active journal, so that i can put it into my stats counter as an alias so that you get full credit for the responses? answers are screened, in case you don't want to share your aliases with everyone else on my friends list.

hoo. i'm beyond sleepy, so i'm not coherent. i meant to crash hours ago, but watched Cocoon instead. what a cute freaking movie. it's like... it's like The Goonies for Geriatrics. (also made me wonder why i ever had a crush on steve gutenberg when i was a wee one.)