September 14th, 2006

disco star

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this is my 2241st entry in this journal.

with all of my journals combined, this will be my 3657th entry.

my, that's a lotta yappin.

my contacts so need to come out, but my glasses are so upstairs.

i ran into my math teacher from two math classes ago (Kyoto Barnhill) when i went to school to get my final book (music theory) and my bus pass. she was SOOOOO excited to see me, and it made me excited for a new quarter with new teachers (well, except for Bobula, who i'm taking again because she was so fantastic for my other psychology class) and new people and new experiences. she asked me how the band was going - it surprised me greatly to hear that she remembered not only me, but also ABOUT me.

i still haven't accomplished squat while having a month off from school. the first three weeks i accredit to obsessively playing WoW, but this last week i accredit to apathy. today will probably be the only day i'll have off from everything for a very very long time.

tickets now available for electric doormat's september 23rd and november 11th shows. see your nearest band member for details.
stinky kitty

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in going back through old comments and entries and stuff, i realized just how many wonderful people i met one year ago today via the ljover30 community and the Great Post About You and Piss Everyone Off Asking for Friends Debacle. almost every single one of you that i added during that (and there were many) are still around to this day.

thank you all for sticking around for so long and accompanying me through my best year yet. yes, there's been some downs, but ... wow. someone asked me recently what was the best year of my life, and i truly believe that it's been the last 365 days.

so, again, thank you.
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