September 18th, 2006


a rant that turned out much longer than i had meant it to...

dear shoppers:

it's rude enough that you're on the phone for the entire transaction through my register. i would be able to forgive you that bit of rudeness - a SMIDGE - if you hadn't GLARED at me when i asked you questions relevant to the transaction, as in "would you like a bag for this?" or "do you want this debit or credit?" don't glare at me because i'm interrupting your precious conversation about games or high school or dinner later on. (this happens all. the freaking. time. get off your fucking phone when you go through a register, it's flipping RUDE on so many levels. if the conversation is that freaking important, wait to go through the line until you're finished. thanks.)

if you see someone come up from the back of the store to be a back up cashier and open their register for specifically for you, when you're the only other person in line anywhere, and you race over to get in line, do NOT spend the next five minutes ignoring the cashier and browsing other things. i have things to do and places to be, too. and when you DO decide to start the transaction, do not glare at me as if i'm not ringing up fast enough for you. i'm the fastest cashier there by far, mmnkay? i could have had you on your way ages ago, if you hadn't stopped to discuss if $4 for a clearance package of photo paper was enough savings, and aren't we going somewhere else for awhile later on, so we probably don't need to get drinks here. (a family raced over, parked their cart in front of my register to save their spot and had their 10 year old daughter puppy guard it, and then walked about 10 feet away to look at random things for a VERY long time. i almost closed my register again. and after all that browsing, and ignoring, folks, they did not buy one single thing more than they already had in their cart.)

now. i'm all about customer service. in fact, i saw two ladies pushing a cart with a chair in it through the parking lot, and i raced out there to help them bring it in and complete their return. i'm all grins and smiles and super happy helpy friendly. but SHEESH.

and i understand that occasionally you're shopping for something and get up to the line and then realize "yanno? i don't think i want this, afterall..." and hand it back to the cashier (note: when i shop... i think that i've handed one thing back to the cashier in the last ten YEARS, no exaggeration. if i realize i don't want something, i take it and put it back where it belongs. if i'm feeling extra lazy, i might ditch it on a random counter, but that usually doesn't happen.) but for you to bring up an entire cart filled with pens, pencils, notebooks, index cards, dividers, etc., and hand back literally half the cart? (thankfully, with back to school finally behind us, this hasn't happened nearly as much in the last week as it did the week before...)

closing time is not merely a suggestion.

if your kid can't be trusted in the bathroom alone.... take them next door to petsmart.

learn how to flush the toilet, please thanks.

do not treat me as if i'm the most malicious, evil human possible if something rings up incorrectly. i have no control what the computer says it costs. i will be most happy to research it and correct it if it is wrong, or to politely correct you if you read wrong (i.e. buy two get one free does not mean you buy two of the things... and one of the two is free.). i don't have time, patience, or energy to rule the world. besides, i blame day crew.

if you bring in a shopping cart from petsmart, target, or some other place and use it to purchase things in our store, eGADS, please take that thing back outside with you.

do not hand things to me one at a time and say "this is supposed to be $5.99." and then watch the screen closely (and me suspiciously) to make sure that It Is So.

if i tell you "please look at the total on the screen and hit yes to confirm that everything is correct", please LOOK, then hit. once you hit the 'yes' button, the transaction is over and we have to do a totally different transaction to correct the issue.

if you LOOK at the screen, you will see clear, concise directions as to how to process your card. yes, yes, i know every machine is different, that's why you READ. (all the time, people will swipe their card and instantly pick up the stylus and sign in a random area on the screen, and complain the signature is not showing up, when it says - with giant colored buttons - amount correct? yes. no.)

inflation happens.

they keep reinventing the pen, so if you have a pen from even two years ago, chances are we may not carry it any longer. and no, it's not MY fault.

if i take you somewhere and show you something, please try to refrain from exlaiming "WHY IS IT SO EXPENSIVE?!??" i have no idea. i don't get to make the rules, i just follow directions.
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freaking amazing art.

first day of school went well, met new people and saw only one person that i knew - some guy from my psych class two quarters ago that i always seem to make awkward whenever i attempt to talk to (and not in a good way.) my music theory teacher got BEYOND rave reviews on (or wherever it is that myspace sned you) for his jazz appreciation classes, and looks like he's about 12 years old. okay, not THAT young, but probably no older than 25. his name is ben morr (wow, i have a lot of bens in my life.) he seems extremely excited for all that is music theory. i also apparently signed up for the wrong class, as there's a section a and a section b, but my section (b, of course) covers the first six chapters of the text, so methinks i'll be aiight.

kathy bobula is just as hilarious as ever, which makes me so ecstatic for having her for psych 211. as they said, the class: human behavior, is what they have called "from the womb to the tomb in ten weeks." it's hilarious, as we have four major paper writing ideas to choose from, one of them being to observe teenagers in an unsupervised setting, i.e. the mall. she told us how to spy on them without getting busted and what to do if we DID get busted by the teens: "heeeey, you're watching us!" "nuh uh!" ::slams notebook and leaves quickly::

my ear training class (for music theory, sillies... i love the expression that crosses people's faces when i tell them that i'm taking ear training...) begins tomorrow.

still no books have arrived from, which isn't problematic YET, but i have a test in a week in psych and i really sorta desperately need the text for the info that i will need.

met a wonderful older gentleman at work today, who was dying of cancer. i will post about him (and the guy i met at the bus stop that used to be a pilot!) soon, but i desperately need suhleep.

p.s. - apparently credit unions will only allow you to open an account with them if you have good credit. (at least, I.Q. follows this, as i found out today.) when did this happen? a waste of an hour of my life, though i did find out that i am no longer on check systems. schweet. maybe i'll try an account with some other bank, then, so that it isn't a bitch when i need to go to wells fargo. (i'm lazy, and the closest is a half hour away on foot.)

sorry for my brief comments on some of your journals. i want to devote more time, but, as i said, i need sleeep.



and abby, dear, you forgot one of the numbers of your area code!