September 24th, 2006

disco star

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wow, i totallydidn't think that thsi would happen tonight, but i got drunk!!! i'ts been oh so very long, it has. i got some excellent bonding time with Larrissa and oatmeal and met... fuzzypoo? i need to pee. freaking pantyhose.

made new friends at the show, had great aweosome saucesome fun and can't wait to go do it again... the lady that keeps booking us said she would give us more shows and soonly and is cutting us all sorts of ticket deals to get more people in. i guess ben is also doing some recording helping with Jezebel Spririt, so we'll have some vancovuer showes for you soon, i'm sure.

moving heavy gear in giant boots is no bueno. i so need to bring an extra set of shoes that i can wear wehn i'm loading stuff up and not trying to be cute on stage.

thanks again to all that came tongiht, it meant oh os very much tome..
disco star

and now for a sober post...

so very much fun was had at the concert, in case you couldn't tell from the previous post. ahem. i'm certain that there will be pictures (possibly) and maybe even videos for you to check out soonish!

my sinuses are horrendous and my throat has been KILLING me today, but at least if it is illness and not tiredness, it hit after the concert, not before. i've heard that this show sounded better than the previous one from some, that it was awesome but not as good as our first from others. the sound guy - bless his tone deaf heart - needs to find a new job. most of the bands couldn't hear a thing (especially guitars) and ... well, the guy got us all ready and started our soundcheck... and had hooked up someone else's amp instead of james', so we had no bass. then no guitar. then no vocals.

the bands that played with us: erik anarchy, zek, puffer, and depth charger, were all great fun. everyone was totally cool and completely polite, it was fantastic. tambourine is fun. we had a wonderful reaction from the crowd and sold quite a few cds. the crowd responded beyond warmly and ecstatic-ly to our newer songs, "Types of Rocks" and "Return"... i so can't wait until we finish recording our new cd!

i also learned the valuable lesson of bringing an extra pair of shoes, as all my back muscles are killing me from carrying heavy rock star equipment while wearing giant boots.

currently downloading finale notepad so that i can do my music theory homework, but methinks i shall go to bed, instead. i always did my best creative work when it came down to the wire. ooh, crap, but we have no coffee in the house.

though if i don't turn in this homework, i doubt that it will OMGZORX make me fail the entire class, though i think that it would be a fabulous exercise for me to do. i've just been running constantly since... well, actually, since this time last week. school, work, school, bandpractice, school, bandpractice, school, work, school, work, concert, work. i'm certain that my teacher will be understanding, at least.

and don't forget to tell me a secret!!

i'm craving me some stargate.

and add embarassingeek!!! and to answer earlier questions, it's embarassing, eek. not embarassing geek, though that would certainly be endearing, as well.