September 27th, 2006

disco star

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i about pooped myself this morning when i woke up and Jellyfish's "That is Why" was serenading me on the RADIO. i never thought i would hear that again. i should write them an email.

here it is for YOU!

i've been going on a real jellyfish kick lately, and all of its relations, i.e. imperial drag, jason falkner, rjmjr.. i just ordered roger joseph manning jr.'s recent solo effort, i liked what i heard from the notlame site.

welp, yep. time to leave now. i had hoped to be at school by now, making up my homework, but that's what i get for hitting the sleeper alarm again instead of getting up with andy sturmer's voice.

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i officially changed my major today from nursing to music.

yes, yes, i know, it's not as a lucrative thing to pursue as nursing -BUT- i'm spending 2 years to get my associates in the arts and using my 'electives' to take science classes (... chemistry.... yay.) so that when i'm done with THAT, i will be able to apply everything else towards my nursing degree.

pardon the phrase, but i'm not a spring chicken any more. i want to pursue my PASSION, learn and experience what has driven me my entire life, and THEN be able to focus on my future future, i.e. what i'll be doing until i'm 80.