October 3rd, 2006

bacci dress

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oh how i love how 0vary's camera picks up the odd colors in things.

oh how tired i am. i had planned on coming home and focusing on homework and studying for the two big tests i have over the next days, but... got locked out of the house. i had hoped that one roommate would be home shortly after i would get here, but alas, he didn't get off work until five. so i spent my time putting around the mall and refraining from buying more video games. dan and jess then joined me for bubble tea and more money spending refraining. i ended up getting home around 730, where i played Xenogears for a bit, and now i'm too pooped to think about anything else. i'm also FUHREEZING. combine it with the cough and sniffles that i've had for two days, i hope i'm not getting sick.

or maybe i got my hypochondria from my mother ;)

music classes are HARD. but it's a good challenge - i had been so used to being so durned good at any random class i picked up: english, psychology, medical terminology - that i hadn't expected to be struggling like i am now. makes me want to sequester myself until i get more time off of work *praysoonpray* or until it clicks and i totally get it, dood. are you diggin me?

going to bed now... or at least when i can manage to get this vibrating kitty off my lap. she loooooooooves me.... with her teeth.