October 6th, 2006

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no hearing in my left ear. delicious phlegm. the physical and mental capacity to do nothing more than lay on the floor and play rpg's. (xenogears, in this case) yup, must be a head cold. i'm even dispassionate enough about things that i didn't object too much when i realized that i missed some VERY important things to learn early on in the game and ended up having to start over completely. meh. shrug. all that jazz.

drugs effect different people different ways. i discovered last night walking around work that dayquil makes me feel like a disembodied torso on someone else's mechanical legs.

being sick also makes me say things out loud that i would normally keep to myself. for example, last night doing paperwork with Roxana, i blurted out "why have i been clenching my butt muscles the entire time that i've been standing here?"

damnit, where's my fucking camera? the cat is being cute.

i got roger joseph manning, jr's debut solo effort in the mail + bonus tracks from notlame records. yay.

gifted tea tastes the best. thanks, andrea.

we have Real Cable again. i spent last night flipping back and forth between Three's Company, Adult Swim, Animal Planet, and reruns of Law & Order and CSI:miami. i also watched the Colbert report and the daily show... OH how i love jon stewart. it makes politics FUN. my favorite skit that had me GUFFAWING for hours was his demonstration as to how bush's attempt at connecting the war in iraq to the war on terror was like connecting a normal, every day plug in to an.... avocado. you can MAKE them connect together, but the avocado just doesn't turn on. and then you end up with guacamole all over your plug in.
disco star

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so one of my bestest friends and favoritest people on earth, faetal, will be having her baby tomorrow. i'm so beyond excited, which is something that i hadn't expected to feel, as children frighten me terribly. i think that the fact that in my psych class, we're going over the developing baby into the toddler phase, which is making me understand them more like a working machine instead of a terrifying enigma.

but, anyhoo. i'm 31 years old. i used to say adamantly that i would never have children, that the thought didn't interest me in the slightest, and then jokingly reply to prods about when grandkids would arrive with "well, accidents happen, har har." now that i'm in my 30's with approximately only another ten years or so left with a working uterus, my views haven't changed much, other than my declarations of "oh HELLLS, no!" changing slightly into 'well, life changes. if it happens that i meet someone and we decide to bear children, fine. if we decide to adopt, that would be even better. but if it never happens, that's okay, too."

gah, rachel ray is eating some vietnamese egg rolls on t.v. and i want one so bad, i can taste it. maybe i'll swing by saigon on the way to work tomorrow.

but, anyhoo, back to my original thought. i'm 31 years old and have never had a best friend that has had a baby before. i mean, i had best coworkers create sprogs, but never someone that i cherished and adored and spent a lot of time with outside of work, through thick and thin, better or worse.

i won't babysit (children still borderline terrify me, they're now a step below spiders on my list, instead of a step above!), but if there is anything else i can do, even if it's just... i don't know. it sounds cheesy to say that my heart swells with happiness at what you and joel are about to bring into the world. may it happen with less stress than is anticipated.

i so wish i had a nerf bat to give to you in the delivery room so that you can swat at anyone who you don't want to be there, get out your aggression, and not cause (too much) harm. ;)