October 11th, 2006

disco star

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many things were planned last night, but none happened, due to an impromptu karaoke revolution sing-off between roommates that lasted four + hours. i managed to get two lines of my desperately-needed-to-be-done-homework started, but sheesh, is it tedious.

cramps are my FAVORITE.

nothing else to report, other than i'm feeling beyond bloated and unfantastic.

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Dear Diary,

Nice to see you! Today was a fun day. I am happy to report that I am feeling quite comfy at school this quarter, much like I've settled into my niche. I stay to myself most of the time, but instead of closing myself off, I have kept myself open to talking to whomever. This has resulted in some interesting conversations here and there, yet I can still remain by myself for my Me Time between classes.

I got to read some today, while I ate my salad. That Nynaeve!! Always getting herself into trouble! I also found the book that I checked out from the Phoenix Library back in 2002: a workbook on music theory! It's quite thick, and I'm working through it diligently. So far, it's been helping to catch up in my classes.

My classes are HARD! I am so used to taking whatever classes I want and being able to ace them with no problem. (Oh, Diary, you WOULD bring up summer quarter, wouldn't you! Shame!) Because music has always been my passion, I felt that these should be the easiest classes yet, but I am struggling in there, yet flying through my psychology course. (We're learning about toddlers now!) My music classes are most challenging, but challenging in a good way. Professor Trousdale continues to remind me that there are no excuses for anything! You do or do not, there is no TRY. He has helped me to remember that I need to take responsibility for my actions.

I went to band practice finally! I had a great practice with Ben, James, and Mike, in our grooooovy practice room (even with a lava lamp and other mood lights, Diary! You should see it!) I am so very pleased with the new music that is being created, and it makes me happy and thankful to be a part of it. I greatly look forward to our next album! I also need to get with some people in The Couve and find out what the general policy is for bars/etc. in the area for bands with members under 21. Silly teenagers! I really want to get some shows in MY neck of the woods, so that MY friends can come! Silly 15th Street Pub laughed in my face when I asked the possibility of playing there. I wonder if there are any other suggestions?

I also want to create a slightly different flyer to hand to all my friends and coworkers that makes it look like we're not just a bunch of high schoolers! I'm an old lady, Diary, so I'm like a high schooler times TWO!

It is now 1130 pm, and I have finally finished my homework. I hope that Professor Trousdale will be pleased! It's too late to practice my solfege, though, so I hope he doesn't call on me in class again!

Anyhootiehoo, Diary, thank you for our lovely chat! I do so hope that you keep in touch!!!



(this post brought to you by pain killers, cold medication, and the letter M.)