October 15th, 2006


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woke up with one helluva migraine today. it's all i can do to barely keep myself upright at this point. half blind with the pain.

mom's going to the hospital for her leg. more on that later.

i made promises i couldn't keep lately, and for that, i'm sorry.

i'm such a fucking flake.
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mom is home from the hospital and as well as can be expected. the infection from her leg hadn't gotten too much into her blood stream, so...

her colonoscopy is on wednesday.

so... tired tonight. i hadn't meant to blow anyone off today, it... just sort of happened. i was only up for a short time until my pounding head sent me back to bed. i 'officially' got up at about 630, ordered pizza, beat katamari.

now i want We &hearts Katamari.

ooh, and there's music theory homework, too. not homeowk like i always type.