October 16th, 2006

disco star

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*sings* nobody doesn't like... molten boron!*/sings*

i got to see Instant Kharma (just add water) on my way home from work today. Roxana was driving me home and paused at a red light before turning right to make sure that the coast was clear. the guy in the car behind us laid on the horn to express his displeasure at our milisecond pause, and then proceeded to ride up our arses the entire way down the street. as roxana slowed down to make the left-hand turn into my apartment complex, the guy raced around the right of us, turning into a turn only lane to pass us. he drove down the street swiftly, unknowingly with a cop car right behind him.

tee hee.

need to do homework, bathe, then sleep.

and stolen from everyone else, because i know you're DYING to know... cough.

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to be combined with my first journal, aubreystar:

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i've been a busy little tribble.

in other news, i've been watching GOBS of csi and law & order since we got Real Cable again. who knew?