October 20th, 2006

disco star

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because i know you all are DYING to know:

Your Celebrity Boob Twin:

Lucy Lawless

agreed to work a 13 or 14 hour shift tomorrow for SOME idiotic reason. i guess i had nothing better to do. pfft. like sleep.

music homework coming out of my ying. it's quite melodic.

not much else to report, other than the fact that my GIANT MAN PANTS that i bought for $3 for work... the zipper won't stay up, and they were hemmed awfully short. they're folded way up in the inside, it's awesome. i keep getting this visual of a 5'4" 60 year old guy with a giant belly and thick glasses waddling around with these pants before he donated them to value village.

i love used things - used books especially - as they have more of a... well, more of a soul, more of a past life. i like to daydream as to where they were before they made a little appearance in my life.

that is all.