October 21st, 2006

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favorite part of the day:

receiving a message on my cell phone:

"hello, i couldn't tell from the message if this is where I can reach aubrey keating or not, but this is the number he put down to reach him. my name is gordon trousdale, i am his instructor at clark college, and i was attempting to reach him to discuss his current absences and to see if he would like to set up a time for him to make up the test he missed. thank you."




now, i've missed... i think two days out of the quarter from that class. (granted, it's only on tuesdays and thursdays, but still.) i have been the only female he singles out on a regular basis to correct my issues in front of the class, and i have talked to him a couple of times outside of class.. and he doesn't know that i'm a GIRL?

yes, yes, it could be that he is just overwhelmed with a ton of students this quarter, but sheesh.
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you know you've been playing katamari too long when...

... i'm walking down the hill at clark college, and my immediate thought is "i'm big enough to roll up those leaves!"