October 26th, 2006

disco star

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slept like corn-filled poop last night. kept waking up after horrible dreams, including one where i was an aged aes sedai (reading jordan, yes yes) and my warder and i were out in snow covered fields at night. we saw a small bird of prey attacking another bird that belonged to my warder. i knew that the small bird would succeed in killing the warder's warder, and then come after us, and that it would succeed in killing us, as well. my warder hid me under the snow in a snow bank and ran off, drawing the bird after him. as i lay there in the snow and felt my warder die, i mused that it was sad that i would never know the reasoning behind my death. i felt massive panic well up in me because of how awful the death would be, but tamped it down and tried to look at it logically, as the bird landed next to me in the snow and began by plucking out my eyes.

i think i did aiight on my music theory mid term yesterday. i have a psych test today, on parenting skills and stuff. interesting read, it is.

was ecstatic to see andrea and joel and baby Laurel last night. boy, am i awkward around children.

no WONDER i'm so freaking cold and it was so hard to get out of bed - it's 37 degrees! and me without a coat. hrmph. i really need to buy one of those things. (or get my brother to loan me one of his fifty for an indeterminate amount of time.)

i am also a sexy bitch for about a week after dying my hair, where my scalp feels the burning need to molt after the damage i did to it. YUM. take me now.