October 29th, 2006

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i discovered the most nostalgic smell on the entire PLANET recently, when i opened a box of 64 count crayolas and took a big whiff. i found myself on aisle three at work, my nostrils shoved between colors, inhaling deeply with tears in my eyes and a giant lump in my throat. wow, that scent just brings back so much, from so many eras of my life. childhood and coloring, of course, my broken and peeled crayons rattling around in a leftover valentines day chocolate heart-shaped box, begging my mother to color with me because she colored so very pretty. when i was a teen, i had a wonderful tiny toons coloring book that i colored in every night, sequestered in my bedroom. i'm still sorry that i lost that coloring book somewhere in my travels around the u.s., though there wasn't many available spaces left to color in. i still have two boxes of 96 count crayolas around here somewhere, methinks. i'm quite certain they were one of the random things that made it with me on my move up here from phoenix. i just need to get some coloring books i like.


caffeine withdrawal is going good, if a bit shakey. the caffeine headache i woke up with today was a bit less than yesterday, and my cup of earl grey tea seemed to make it abate some, in comparison to yesterday where the throbbing existed until about 6 p.m.

so very much i need to accomplish, and so very difficult without gallons of caffeine to jack me up, though it's getting much better. once this ick is over with and i'm accustomed to not having it (i hear it takes two weeks to get out of your system completely?) i shall make another attempt to remove sugar and bread from my diet again. wow, it made me feel like a million bucks last year. i want that million back, thanks.

i love all the horrible horror flicks on with halloween around the corner. makes me really want to check out the hellraiser (hellrazor! ha!) movies again. gross.

just watched the first disc of the first season of teen titans. that raven's one dark chick - i love her that much more now.
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holy mackeral, for being a suck thriller, scream 3 has EVERYONE in it:

- well, the regulars, like courtney cox, david arquette, and neve cambell
- dr. mcdreamy, partrick dempsey
- the tick/kronk/brock samson, patrick warburton
- jamie kennedy
- silent bob AND jay
- parker posey
- jenny mccarthy
- liev schriber
- scott foley
- princess leia
- wes craven himself

that sounds like it was a situation of wes craven saying "well, hell. i'm bored and making a cheesy horror flick that i know is going to tank in the box office. i'm going to call all my friends and see if they want to hang out and get stabbed."

and i do have to say that watching courtney cox punch parker posey was cool. though i love parker, don't get me wrong.
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okee, i broke down and am now on the lj talk gizmo mabob.

and apparently, i feel like sharing secrets tonight ;) sorry to those of you i sent responses to that may seem a bit... tmi!
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best thing i heard on t.v. all day, via the history channel:


*insert pun here about Jesus walking on water to get the apostle's BRAAAAAAAAAINS.*

well, crap. i had something else that i was going to post here, for your reading pleasure first thing in the morning, but i can't think of what it was. i guess i could take this moment of brain deadness (ZOMBIE!) to pimp out my band, yo.



NOVEMBER 11th!!!

112th and powell... all ages.... bar with id. pizza without.

go to our myspace! add us. listen to our musics. buy our albums. in case i haven't told you a buncha times, or in case you are new to my friends list, the song that automatically plays when you go there, "return" is the first song with all of us playing and singing on it as a band. yes, that is my voice harmonizing in the background and supplying the "return" between the "upside down" and "returning overturning". you can also hear me on "skeleton in silhouette".

i was listening to all things doormat tonight and falling in love with it all over again. i'm so excited to be part of such a wonderful group of guys. er, in such a wonderful group with a bunch of wonderful guys. contrary to my ear training teacher's belief, i'm not a boy. ;)