October 31st, 2006

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(amazing how a cat on a keyboard can ruin everything.)


i totally had something to say, but now i'm speechless. when i burp, i taste pumpkin smoothie. i'm wearing cat ears. merowr. almost no one on campus was dressed up today, but the halfly dressed up people seemed to all agree that hats (and only hats) are in this season. the fully dressed up people wore a constant expression that they wish they would have brought a change of clothes.

hadn't seen my little 8 year old boyfriend (long post ago) in forever, but he and his two friends (one batman!) swooped down on me when i went to check the mail (received tears for fears' greatest hits dood.) with a resounding HAPPYHALLOWEENTRICKORTREATPRETENDTOGIVEMECANDY! batman proceeded to tell me that he gets to go trick or treating after dark, "when it gets colder", and the 8 year old aubreyfan told me that he gets to go to mcdonalds and play instead because he's sick, as he literally foamed at the mouth and two giant streams of snot made a trail from his notrils to his upper lip. he held his head back as he talked to me, almost as if to prevent from eating the stuff.

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no plans tonight, but i bought a beer.
bwa kawk

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playing with ljseek.com, where you can type in your name and see who's been talking about you!

i got to learn that by running the script the two separate times, i created a stir where people worldwide were convinced it was a giant ploy to get their credit cardz, oh noes!!! and every single person that typed their paranoia about my adding them was convinced i am a guy. most called me a spam robot.

but seriously, do spam robots hang out and whine about life and make semi regular entries for six years? think not.

and if people would just READ the entry that i put up when i run that thing, they would understand where i came from and to not worry their pretty little heads.

thank you again, for all of you that recently joined me. GROUP HUG.

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i will make a post with a bunch of nuggets for you to read. some of them are true. some of them are not. i will let you guess which.

~ my mother is an ex con who served time in prison for selling meth. she was narc'ed off by the first boy i ever kissed.

~ i was teetering on the edge of alcoholism at age fifteen.

~ i had my first pregnancy scare at fifteen.

~ i tried several times to become a pothead, but pot does weird things to my joints, almost as if i have parkinson's disease.

~ although i find myself attracted to women and have been with women in the past, i do not consider myself bisexual. rather, i consider myself asexual as i rarely think about sex and haven't been attracted to anyone of either sex for a very VERY long time (except one person, but that's a long story.)

~ i have toyed with several religions trying to find my fit, but find myself torn between Christianity, Judaisim, and Wicca.

~ my parents divorced when i was 9 months old.

~ i remember the first time i ever saw a black person. the response was not good. but i am beyond that now. (i was four.)

~ i went through three major party phases: mid teens, early 20's, and 28ish. now i have maybe one beer a month. i like the taste.

~ i am 5'7".

~ i used to be able to recite animaniac's nations of the world song (united states, canada, mexico, panama, haiti, jamaica, peru...) in less than a minute. my record time was 51 seconds.

~ i sold drugs for my mother when i was a teenager. she gave me free speed "to keep my weight down" and let me keep half the profit. meanwhile, i was always the teacher's pet, so they would never believe what i did between class.

~ i dropped out of high school at age 18 so i could work at wendy's. i eventually got my high school diploma through job corps.

~ i am extremely socially inept, and was so shy as a teen that i would become violently ill if i was ever in a class where we were forced to make groups.

~ i am 31 years old and have never been in a relationship that lasted more than two months. i haven't been on a date in five years. i haven't kissed a boy in eleven months. i haven't kissed a girl in four months.

~ my ultimate dream job would be to do cartoon voice overs.

maybe i'll do more later.