November 1st, 2006

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because i'll probably totally forget to do so later, and because some of you missed it last year, i'm reposting this:

Me singing Jingle Bell Rock for charity!

for those of you that weren't on my friends list for 2002, or that may have missed other ramblings about it, the place i was a travel agent for in phoenix held auditions for a Christmas charity album. my coworkers and i recorded the album in june/july of 2002. now, i had just joined my first band at the time, The Vacant Stairs, (i sang and played guitar, stacebass played bass and trumpet, norsican played guitar, and scrumbles played accordion and other things.) and had taken part in many o karaoke contests, and had performed at several Christmas parties at work. i was mostly confident in my singing ability, though nerve-wrackingly nervous whenever i sang in front of someone for the first time.

in case i haven't told you the story 298374928 times already, the whole thing was massively nerve-wracking. the auditions were held in the president's board room, with the record producer, vice president, and another high-head-honcho sitting at the other end of the table, staring blankly at you and taking notes. the lights were bright in the board room, and as you sang, you knew that anyone waiting in the adjoining room (and the receptionist for the company) could hear you belting out your song. it was all a very surreal experience. i auditioned with "O Holy Night", which they ended up giving to someone else (after hearing HER sing it, i totally understood, but sheesh, she was cocky about it, saying she was just singing 'some song', when i had wanted to sing a song that to me was very emotional, that meant something to me, i guess.)

they called me back and said "yay, we want you! but um... would you mind terribly possibly maybe perhaps singing a different song? like jingle bell rock or little drummer boy?"

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